South West Coastal Path

Not only does this trail take the title for being the longest trail in the U.K. but also one of the most challenging. It stretches 630 miles along the English Channel on the South West point of England. The trails elevation decreases to just about sea level at the river mouths and increases immediately after, so the total amount of hills you have to climb sum up to 114,931 ft (35,031) meters, thats equal to 4 times the hight of mt. Everest! The route also holds roughly 300 bridges, 2,500 sign post and 26,700 steps, all surrounded by the areas scenic coastline, tallest cliffs, and diverse wildlife. Certainly no shortage of things to see and do.

Hardcore hikers aside, this trip can sliced up into a casual afternoon walk to a weekend hike. The are also trails that include accommodations. In fact there are trails specifically lead you from pub to pub after a long days walk. Same with Cafes if thats more your style. You can even encounter dinosaur remnants along the Jurassic Coast. I highly recommend checking out their website as it has some very cool resources, maps, trail difficultly, attractions and much more.

Author: unre4011

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